PLC (Powerline Carrier Communication) Technology
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VandSec Electronics Limited had lauched a brand new product - PLC(Powerline Communication) IP Camera & NVR Security Kits. With the help of PLC technology, we have changed the professional CCTV system to a easy handling consumer products. Even a child knows how to use this system.

What is PLC(Power-line communication)

Power-line communication (PLC) carries data on a conductor that is also used simultaneously for AC electric power

transmission or electric power distribution to consumers. It is also known as power-line carrier, power-line digital

subscriber line (PDSL), mains communication, power-line telecommunications, or power-line networking (PLN).

As we know, WiFi IP Cameras was developed to reduce the cabling costs. However, WiFi technology has its shortage.

Such as low stablilty, limited transmission distance, Interference problem, big bandwidth consumption etc.

All these shortage are no longer exists on our PLC Security Systems. With PLC technology applied in our IP Cameras

and NVR, we have kicked the ass of the main pain points for Home Security Surveillance Systems.


1. PLC signal is stable and relible. Siganl is much better than Wi-Fi. No consumtion of bandwidth, no interference.

2. Transmit distance is over 300meter over powerlines. No need dedicated cabling.

3. Plug and Play, super easy operation. We changed the professional CCTV system to easy handling consumer electronics.

4. PLC signal speed is over 200Mbps, 4-ch 1080p video streams flow without delay.


Standards HomePlug®AV, IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u
Frequency 2-28MHz
Transmit Speed 200Mbps
Ethernet Port 10/100Mbps 4pin
Interface AC port, Function Pin Interface, Ethernet Interface, DC port
Transit Distance 300M(Under One KWH Electric Meter)
Date Security 128-bit AES Coding

DC 12V 200mA

  • Application

VandSec PLC security kits apply PLC technology to build the LAN network for IP Cameras and NVRs.